Hang gliding or skydiving?

I can't decide which I'd rather do next week, they're both the same price. Thoughts?

Also to those that have been skydiving, how long is the fall once you open the parachute?


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  • I haven't tried hang gliding, but I can
    seriously recommend skydiving.

    It gives you a crazy ruse
    and feels like you're flying. ^.^

    • Ughhhh I keep going back and forth between the two!

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  • Hang gliding! I've always wanted to do it! Actually... can I tag along if you go hang gliding? 😂😂😂

  • Skydiving!!! I am so friggen keen to go again at some point haha

    Seriously though hang gliding isn't even in the same league

    • You've done both?

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    • Yea I figured you're Australian as well as soon as I read keen haha. See I alwyas thought that bungie jumping would be much much easier since you're tied to a giant rubber band, skydiving though... you just fall and hope the parachute works haha.

    • Haha true, I guess we do talk differently 😂
      When you skydive you're strapped to someone and all you have to do is lift your legs and they'll somersault out for you. Bungy jumping requires you to jump 😊 I'll only bungy in nature though.. 100% not up for flinging myself off a building towards other buildings and concrete

  • skydiving!


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  • Done both, much prefer hang gliding. If you've never done skydiving your first five or so jumps will be on a static line anyway (your chute will open automatically from a strap attached to the plane).

    • hmmm I've been debating to even do both but it's expensive. I've always equally wanted to do both my whole life.