Is studying with an ex girlfriend a bad idea?

We aren't friend by any means and I'm in a physics class with her and we talked for the first time in a year and we were civil cause she sat next to me. She has a new boyfriend and asked me why I blocked her and refused to talk to her whenever we make eye contact. I was honest and said I was extremely pissed at that she broke up with me but mentioned talking to her now I am not so annoyed or mad so I think I moved on. She said she wants to have a study buddy and said she will text me to figure out when we're both free. I asked her for her number again and told her i erased it cause I didn't handle the break up very well and apologized.


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  • Yes if there are still feelings

    • I don't know how to explain its like I'm extremely attracted to her but she broke up with me so I mentally moved on and love single life. Then I thought about how cool a relationship is and I want to date again (not her).

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