Is it slowly starting to become more common of under-aged girls these days to become jail baits by lying about their age to grown adult men and?

get them in legal trouble?

I'm just curious because just recently, I have a friend (who's 23 years old) who was just arrested for statutory r@pe of a 16 year old girl who he met through a dating site because she lied to him about being 19 years old (making herself look older than her actual age) just so she can have the chance to have sex with a grown real man.

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  • Uh, no. Go back to your cave, troll.

  • I don't think that's a thing. Also I doubt very much that she was the one who alerted the police, it was probably her parents... cause she's only sixteen and i'm sure her mum and dad would have been pissed.
    The only thing with this is that it's the internet. I thought it was common knowledge that you cannot trust the internet? People lie all the time, your friend should have been a little more cautious perhaps.

    • Not just the internet, in the real world too. I've been reading plenty of reports and articles recently about young men getting arrested for statutory rape just because some 14 year girls lied about their real age and made themselves look older than they are.

      All I can say is that I should definitely learn from this mistake committed by my friend to never trust any girls when it comes to their age and always ID them whenever they play on being in a relationship with me.

    • *plan*

    • Probably the best policy.
      I haven't heard any stories about it myself, but it may depend on where you live and the culture? Not sure... But that's why facebook is really useful for just getting basic info on a person. I know it sounds almost stalkerish, but if i really like someone i'll check out their profile just to make sure they're not in a relationship. That might be a good way to go about too? I guess it's like anything, you have to be careful when sleeping around there's too many hiccups, from this to STD's. Good luck though.

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