How to win a street fight?

So there's this girl in my neighborhood who is pretty much a psycho. She gets into fights pretty much any time she leaves the house. She just got in a 3 fights two days ago. Anyway, she tried to fight me and one of my friends a few weeks ago. I was willing to fight her even though she's bigger than me, but she called her sister and her sister showed up with a car full of people. Her sister and her friends are all grown. We were clearly out numbered and it wasn't going to end well at al for us so we walked away. Lately the girl has been talking shit so I decided to end it once and for all and just fight her. The thing is though, I've never been in a real fight. I don't tend tend to get into fights because I'm just naturally a happy, nice, and friendly person. Most people like me. So anyways I need to learn how to fight and how to hit hard. I used to fight with my boy cousins when I was a kid, but I haven't done that in years. Any tips on how to punch hard?


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  • The best way to win a fight.. ready to hear it?
    Don't get into a fight, and if you do
    walk away from it, with pride.

    And this comes from a person who's
    practiced martial arts for 21+ years.

    But if you're serious, and can't get around it
    if you're cornered or whatever and have to fight.

    Just remember one rule.. don't try to fight power with power
    it won't work, and it'll exhaust you.

    Instead, never let her pin you on the ground
    and if you have to hit back, aim for pressure points
    such as solar plexus, joints and soft spots.

    Also, never with a clenched fist
    an open hand hits harder.

    Much like how you would slap
    someone, but this time with the
    intend to cause pain.

    The best scenario would be
    a well placed hit that made it so
    that you can lock her in place
    and have her give up.

    • Do you have any tips for blocking or dodging. I don't want to get hit too. By the way, I wouldn't fight her unless I thought it was necessary. Yesterday her and her older sister chased my friends around with a taser. This all started between me and her so it's gonna end that way.

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    • You can't teach what should be learned through experience
      I don't block attacks either, I either evade or brush them off.

      How to avoid getting hit can't be taught, but the essence
      of it, is to.. ugh, if the adversary hits from the right, you move right.

      Get behind their elbow.

      This way, you also get into an advantageous position
      to either trip them, or lock their arm on their head.

    • The reason I say that experience can't be taught
      is because you'll need good reflexes to react to their
      move, before it connects.

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  • Don't get in a fight! That's never the way!

    • Where I live, if I don't fight I'll get clowned. If I don't fight, then I'm weak. If I lose the fight, then I'm weak. I have to fight and I have to win.

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  • Twist her arm behind back she will forget to mess with you


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  • You don't need to hit hard in order to win, just to know where to hit.