Feeling depressed because of my body?

I don't have boobs or a butt and I constantly get made fun of in school by both guys and girls. Well its mostly guys in my class but sometimes girls will join in which makes it worse!. I can't stand up for myself because its usually a gang of people. I usually try to tell them that it's wrong to think of me as a piece of meat but they just say that I only say that because I'm flat. These guys in my class always talk about the "hottest" girls in school and it's making me feel worse. One of the guys even came up to me and asked if I was flexible. I told him no and he said that I have nothing to offer because I'm flat and not flexible. I feel like saving up for plastic surgery or getting butt pass is stupid because I want a guy to like me for me but this botherd me to the point where I had been embarresed to go to my homeroom.


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  • Look, that's life.

    The sooner you start learning how to deal with it, the easier it'll be to go about life being happy and content.

    The more you fight it and wish that the world was different and closer your our "self-serving ideal," the more unhappy you're going to be.

    Think of it like getting into college. Everyone deserves to get into a good college, right? No! Nobody "deserves" anything. The world owes us nothing, it was here first! (Mark Twain). If people have good grades, good test scores, and an attractive and interesting background for a great college, then great colleges will maybe admit that person as a student.

    Everyone should have a good job, right? No! If there is work out there that many people cannot do well, but that needs to be done well, and a worker is very skilled and rare, then they will be rewarded - otherwise, nobody "deserves" to be rewarded or receive "benefits" just because of the fact that they "exist."

    Life is not easy like that - life takes work - life takes effort.

    But all is not lost or hopeless.

    First of all, you're not fat. Right? That's a positive.

    Secondly, a butt is something you can train and work out and acquire at and through the gym (as well as the rest of your body - except breasts). There are plenty of guys out there who do not care about boobs.

    Third, "sex" is more than just how a girl looks. For as long as a girl is not "morbidly disgusting and unpleasant to look at physically," and for as long as "some aspects of her are pleasant to look at physically," then she's attractive. That's a VERY LOW threshold.

    Additionally, what's the difference between a "show room" car and a "super performance race car?" The showroom car looks great! The performance race car actually drives great. That's great that all these other girls "look" great, or "are flexible," etc. Yes, they have an initial "advertising/marketing" advantage in terms of attracting male attention.

    But, what happens "after" they attract that male attention? The battle/war is not over! What happens when it comes time to sit down and get down to business? Those girls will clam up, and it'll be "all show, no action."

    Don't be bitter towards these girls. Learn to talk dirty and otherwise be great in bed, and just wave "Hi" to them when they're 30 and unmarried and wondering why "all the goods ones are taken."


  • You are young and kids are assholes. I am sorry they are such bastards to you. I et you will blossom into a beautiful and very attractive woman. Then when the boys come running you can tell them how inadequate they are.


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