Why are black girls so sensitive about black guys?

I was at school earlier today and me and my friend Diamond were pointing out some boys that were cute. She pointed out this brown skinned guy who had an afro. I told her no, because a lot of black guys at the school are rude. She FLIPPED. We were in the cafeteria so her voice projected. She got loud at me and she started cursing at me. She started talking about how white guys are ugly and dress up in tight shorts like fags. A few of her friends came over and asked her why she was telling at me and she told them I said black guys were rude and they started talking bad about my dad and I'm just like. ALL I said is the black guys AT MY SCHOOL were rude and she dislikes me now because of it!!


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  • You generalized. If you didn't find the guy cute, that would have been fine but you generalized by saying you didn't because "a lot of black guys at the school are rude". As in he's very likely to be rude just because he's black. That was pretty racist to be honest. But yeah, your friend was also being racist to white guys.

    • It's not racist lol

      Her opinion is that black guys are rude at the her school that she's experienced... obviously she's going to use that as a filter lol... I mean obviously

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  • I am VERY sensitive about black guys.. You should've just said "no" and left it at that. I'm sure you don't know most of the black guys at your school and you're going by what you've heard or what you see and make assumptions about who they are.

    • everyon does. why is this case so special?

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    • @melaninmonroe and that gives you a good to go to get mad whenever someone speaks about them.
      Have you even looked at the flak the "cis white male" is getting? Seriously?

      Everyone's getting flak for something. As for op's case, she had a legit subjective reason to not date them. Getting mad at that just makes you bitchy...

    • @TripleAce I don't think black girls are rude, I just don't understand why she got mad at me for that..

      @MelaninMonroe I sort of understand since black women have had the backs of black males since forever but I figured she was going to ask me why I wouldn't date him anyway, so why not tell her beforehand? I know I don't know all of the black guys but they're always loud and bumps into people in the hallways without apologizing.

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  • Well look at the irony in this. You just made a simple observation, which is your opinion and your entitled to it that black guys are rude at school in your perspective.

    And look what happens, the black girl becomes rude as well... lol

  • Most likely because you generalized. Unless you know every single black guy personally at the school, you can't just call them all rude. Sure she overreacted but your comment was racist.


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  • Well she probably went a little bit overboard, but you did stereotype him a bit. You deemed him rude basically because he was black. Now your friend was a hypocrite by saying what she said about white guys as well. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

  • media2.giphy.com/media/qKCCeIPDu9IZi/giphy.gif

    Because you said an offensive generalisation about her race.

  • That awkward moment when a GaGer's friend has the same name as you. xD

  • they say nig and bitch a lot

  • wow... that escalated quickly