If you cancel friend request does the person still see it?

dude Im crushing on.. i keep debating wether to send him a friend request, then I change my mind... but if i cancel it after I sent it won't he still see it... I dont want to seem like a stalker...


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  • I think once it's sent you can't take it back.
    I've got a question that's similar -
    There's a girl who has shown interest in me. I really like her but I'm not sure if I would date her yet. Can't decide. Do I send her a friend request or would that be like giving false hopes?

    • you could always be her friend... but yeah thats a little tricky... just go m. i. a untill you know what you want. I say this because if she's interested then she migh try to talk to you via fb... and if you pull away or distance yourself, she could thing the worst (ie, he thinks im unattractive, he friendzone me etc, lol girls think a lot.. and when you do come around to liking her she could feel as though you should have made a move earluer... so just think hard about why your not wanting to pursue her.. but if you wait long she could get in a relationship or simply lose interest. Good luck sir

    • and earlier*** think** sorry for all the typos..

    • Yeah I think I'll keep it as friends for now and get to know her in person for a while. I know girls think a lot and i wouldn't wanna hurt her or give her false hopes. If she sent me a request I would accept it but I won't do it as I don't wanna make it look like I'm chasing after her when I'm not sure yet. Thanks so much for your help.

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  • I think he will probably see the notification but when he will click on it there won't be a friend request.

    • see i did send him one and back out and sent him another one... so if I dont leave it be it will make it worst

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  • I dont know to. But... look, try it, make the request. You like the guy... i think guys usually dont mind with stalkers... they get all convinced when girls do that ahaha, they dont see it negatively..


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  • i don;t know much about FB.. but i do think it is advanced.. and he won't see it.. it will be canceled..