Do you think , relationships can be strenghten with money? or you may say money is somehow is an important component to stay or built a relationship?


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  • I don't think they are based on money, but being in poverty is stressful. I think a good balance of money helps with life, in general. It is an important component to build a relationship since it's hard to move in together, pay rent, utilities, etc if you have no money. I guess my overall answer is enough money to live comfortable relieves stress and would build and strengthen a relationship because you have less stress and more attention to give to your significant other.


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  • I think money definitely helps. It really depends on the situation you were in prior. If you were struggling to afford rent, food and basic things, then yes money can help strengthen the relationship. Once those stressors are gone, you are able to worry less and spend more time focusing on the health of the relationship. Also, if you have money now to go out and do things, it makes the relationship more enjoyable.

    However, there are plenty of people with little who have long lasting relationships. I think it really depends on the people in the relationship. Money can also hurt relationships, especially when greed is involved.


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  • Genuine relationships are not based on money.

  • When it comes to a relationship, everything should be taken into consideration. Personality, financial situation, mental state. Everything.

    When it comes to building a life together:

    All. Of. It. Matters.

    So yeah, I would say money is definitely important. Is it DEFINING? Sure, it can be for some people. For others, not so much.