Is my mom jealous of me?

I was talking about this course I'm doing at a renowned University world-over.

I was excitedly telling her all about what I'm learning, an how one of the CEO's started his own business.

My mom said, "So easily you're saying he started his own business, it must have taken so much hard work."

I grew quiet. She is well aware that University is a sour topic, as she has always tried to put down my undergrad University for not being prestigious.

She then went on and on about how her leg is paining to shut me up.

It got me wondering if she gives me these completely unnecessary put-downs out of jealousy, (she is not even a community college grad, let alone a University one).


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  • umm.. well i dont think it should be,,. moms are usually very proud of their kid's achievements.. my mom used to embarrass me by telling what good grades i get and all stuff like this to everyone.. .. lol..

    • My mom has never done that in the history of me getting good grades... and I won 2 scholarships right out of school

    • hmm.. well that would hurt.. i had the same feeling when i got scholarship and dad said nothing.. she does love you.. but maybe she regrets her past and that makes her a bit sad.. and you getting good grades just reminds her of all the stuff she wanted to do but could not do...

  • I think your mother is a bitch (no offense)

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