I dont go out so much , so I have a big need of talk with people most of the time online.. But people go out and have their lifes. Why?

i can't really have a long conversation with people.. im boring or something like that i dont know? why? how? what to do to get it better? or know the right people


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  • I'm the same way. Maybe you need to go out more and make new friends.
    I suggest you to go to a place where there are people who share your interests, this way it will be easy to maintain a conversation.
    Sometimes, it's good to have online conversations, but we shouldn't forget the real life conversations. Keep that in mind.

    • my life is all about gym eat and be a foreveralone... here i live nobody have my age and my parents are hell too me... so its hits me really bad...

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    • ty and i hope the same for u :) if u feel like talking any day feel free to mensage me :)

    • Thanks :) I won't forget this.

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  • I wouldn't say I'm boring, I'm far from it.
    Bur I am kinda the same as you, most of the conversations I have are with people online.
    I do go out on the weekends, but not always.


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  • Talk about them with Ra's Al Ghul. He's Batman's best villain, so any Batman fan worth their salt should be able to give you hours of conversation.

    • ahaah :D lets the salty guys come up to defende her true hero :P