Hoe do I talk to him?

How can I talk to this guy I really like? I've really liked him for over a year and we've had some moments. He's super friendly and one of the nicest guys I've known. He's always super nice to me while he teases my friends and makes me feel good about myself. I don't even care about dating him or anything but I just want to be able to be his friend and talk to him and get to know him because he's such a great guy. We don't talk very much and we're not official friends, but every now and then he'll talk to me and I'm really not good at talking to him and I always end up being embarred and feel stupid afterwards. I'm on the quieter side and around him I get shy because I don't want to say something stupid and I want to be cool at the same time and it just ends up in me looking weird. But how can I just be myself and actually say what I want to while talking to him? I just really want to be able to talk to him. Please help? :)

Sorry I didn't mean to make it sound like I feel good about myself BECAUSE he teases my friends. He just playfully teases my friends like he does to everyone and tries to make me feel good about myself because he's so nice. ;)


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  • just say what you feel... you don't wanna wait... trust me.


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  • Interesting freudian slip there.

  • hey why did you call me a hoe?


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