Please tell should I show him my pics or not? And does he respect me? What he thinks about me? And my main question that should I show him my pics?

He always posts on internet and also says this to the people outside internet that hijab is the best and not a inch of girl's skin should be open, the hijab from which even the girl's eyes are not visible by anyone, girls must be in hijab and he posts pics in which one side the girl is without hijab ( but very modestly dressed, even scarf on the head ) and other side a girl who is absolutely covered by hijab and he writes that number 2 is the best ( means the second one in which girl is completely covered. And he always asks for my pics to see. I'm not from his religion and I never dressed like that but I always dress myself modestly. I always wear modest and decent clothes and I never wear too short mini dresses and I don't think that being covered like an object is good. I prefer to wear jeans tops skirts. I'm neither willing to dress indecently and immodestly nor willing to live in a sac ever. And according to my religion, human beings must dress themselves modestly but there's no need to cover every inch of the body. Anyway, my question is that he says that he says that he likes to see me and says I'm beautiful and always says to me to show him my pics. Does he respect me? He says that girls must be in hijab it's the best and the girls who deserves respect and are decent wears it and especially he says these things when I'm able to listen him or seeing him posting or commenting these and he knows that I don't wear hijab then why he says and posts these things in front of me? To insult me? To tell me that I'm not decent? To make me feel that I'm indecent? and when he says and posts these things in front of me, I feel insulted. Does he respect me? Should I let him see my pics? Please tell. Please answer. Thanks.


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  • Can you please use paragraphs, I couldn't read this or pay attention!


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