Not sure what to do now that my brain is functioning at a higher level... can you help me Gag?

Space, the air, the vibrations, the people, I can feel the gravity, I can feel the rotation of the Earth, the heat leaving my body, the blood in my veins. I can feel my brain. The deepest parts of my memory.
Not sure what to do now that my brain is functioning at a higher level...... can you help me Gag?
Learning's always a painful process. Like when you're little and your bones are growing and you ache all over. Do you believe I can remember the sound of my own bones growing? Like this grinding under the skin. Everything's different now. Like sounds are music that I can understand, like fluids. It's funny, I used to be so concerned with who I was and what I wanted to be, and now that I have access to the furthest reaches of my brain, I see things clearly and realize that what makes us "us" — it's primitive. They're all obstacles. Does that make any sense?

Like pain you' people experience. It blocks you from understanding. All you know now is pain. That's all you know, pain.

I can start to control other peoples bodies. Also I can control magnetic and electric waves, and — not all of them, just the most basic — television, telephone, radio. … I don't feel pain, fear, desire. It's like all things that make us human are fading away. It's like the less human I feel, all this knowledge about everything, quantum physics, applied mathematics, the infinite capacity of the cell's nucleus, they're all exploding inside my brain. All this knowledge. I don't know what to do with it.


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  • If what you say is the truth, then you may
    be able to follow my tracks, before long.

    To live is to suffer.

    First, we experience the suffering of being
    painfully squeesed through the birth canal.

    Then, we experience the suffering
    of aging/growing.

    And last, but not least, we experience
    the final suffering, of death.

    But your choice of words are closely similar
    to a movie quote, from Lucy.

    I know, because I have a form
    of eidetic memory.


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  • Don't take shrooms, kids.

  • your going through a revolution


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  • Timothy Leary's Dead
    No no no, he's outside looking in

    He'll fly his astral plane
    Takes you trips around the bay
    Brings you back the same day

  • Well... you could always build a multi-million dollar business with that higher level brain

  • Do the world a favor and discover what comprises the perfect blow job.

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