Is anyone else experiencing troubles with gag?

Is anyone else exeperiencing slow running and constant trouble shooting with this site? Seriously, it's starting to piss me off! And it's not the device I'm using because It happens when I use my lap top, it happens when I use my phone, and It happened when I borrowed my friends phone. Does anyone else go through this?


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  • It is going for me about as fast as it always has. On desktops, the site is pretty fast, but on mobile the site is as slow as a snail and kills battery life, not to mention crashes a lot. That's why I'm pretty excited for the new app whenever it actually comes out :D

    • I'm the complete opposite, on my computer it's soooo slow and yes, crashes a lot like every few minutes. On my phone it's a bit faster but still happens! 😡 And it's seriously making me wanna go hulk! I type a whole paragraph to a question and then it reloads the page by itself because it's experiencing 'problems' and then BAM, what I wrote is gone.

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  • GAG only gives me trouble when I use my mobile and I don't think it is my mobile that is the problem either as I think other people have trouble with GAG on mobiles. You should ask GAG about it if you can be bothered.

    • Do you mind if I ask what phone you're using? Or lap top? I have both apples and it happens on both

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    • That is the same as me. Do you have any ad blockers. Ad blockers can stop programmes running correctly.

    • No I don't 😕

  • I thought it was slow earlier but fine now.


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