How to become motivated?

I'm depressed, but I don't want to stay this way. How do I motivate myself?


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  • I've written a ton of myTakes on depression (ok only like 3) because I went through it myself and I know how hard it is. Find some way to occupy yourself. Set goals. Learn a new language, make new friends, try a weird sport, write a book, do something fun! I really hope you get better soon!

    • Thanks a lot :) It's nice to get advice from someone who's walked in my shoes. I'll take your words of advice and put myself out there. I appreciate your time to write back, means a lot.

    • Oh your welcome anytime ;) and if you ever need anything you can always message me

  • Have goals and confidence. You need to have realistic short term ones first to lead up to a long term goal. The more goals you conquer the more positive and motivated you'll feel. The less you do and obtain, you'll feel more sad and worthless, when you're not at all. The more you do nothing to change your life to obtain happiness, the further you'll fall into a pit of nothing. Climb that hole girl and build that ladder til you reach the top!!

    • Thank you, I appreciate it. :) I'm gonna take your advice and work on being more confident and setting realistic goals. Baby steps.