Why do I act like I am uninterested without noticing?

When strangers talk to me first and make small talk I am always acting like they are weird and should get out of my face but I don't mean to be like this. An example was that today was the first day of school and a really beautiful girl kept wanting to know my name but I acted like I didn't give a shit. I ignored her the first time and then the second time I told her my name and she asked if I was new to the school but kind of told her in a rude way that I have been here for 3 school years. I didn't reply to her after that. Another is I went to pick up a to go order and a guy started making small talk. He was really nice and good at his job but I acted like he was very rude for talking to me. Is there a reason why I act like this but don't really notice it until later? I am a guy by the way.


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  • Sounds snobbish...
    I guess maybe you're scared of people. Anxiety?

    If it is anxiety maybe try reeling it in because you're repelling people with this attitude.
    I know because I used to act like that unconsciously too. O. o


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