What are the limits of partying when you have a partner?

You go to a party with some friends, or your classmates, as i am going in a few hours. I'm just wondering how far it is okay to go when you have a lover. What if they want to play strip-poker or something (idk, couldnt come up with anything else) is that okay, or over the line?

Can you give me some examples of what is okay and what is not?

I really look forward to getting closer to my classmates, and wanna be involved. But also dont want to do something that my partner would not like if he knew about it. (He does know i'm going)



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  • My rule of thumb is simple. Anything you're about to do at the party, imagine your partner doing it. Does it upset you or piss you off? If so, don't do it.

    • But there is a difference between men and women. I wouldn't have a problem with him showing anything other than his penis. I dont think it works that way for women?

    • Instead of focusing on the body parts focus on the activity. Would you be upset if you found out your boyfriend was playing strip poker at a party when you weren't there?

      There are some differences between men and women, and he could get upset about different things than you, but that rule is more of a guide line. If you're worried you won't make any friends because you don't want to play a round of strip poker they could be the wrong people for you to try to be friends with. Most would understand you're not down to play because you have a boyfriend, and chances are you won't be the only one there in that situation. If it happens that everyone at the party is playing (which isn't likely) find something else to do in the mean time that people could appreciate. Make them drinks, take control of the music, clean up a little of the mess people are making. The activity isn't likely to last all night. And if it really makes you uncomfortable there's nothing wrong with leaving either.