My friend that's a boy asked me for a picture of me in my undies n bra n I stupidly did it but not my bra on snapchat n he diddnt screenshot it?

should I be worried

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  • If he is a nice friend i think he will not do anythinng bad with the pictuures...
    You can message him asking to keet them for itself only...


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  • You're my mom's age. R u really 55 ? And referring to a man probably ur age as a boy?

    • I have a feeling you're a young teen. . Message admins with correct date of birth for it to be changed.

      If this boy cares for you I doubt he will do anything with ur photos.

      If u don't feel comfortable with ur naked images out there this is a big sign you shouldn't send sexy photos

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  • Unfortunately there are screen grabbers that will copy a pic without you knowing. Especially if he's running Snap in an emulator on a PC. I wouldn't be too worried, things like this rarely get put on the internet! If you were underage, it might be different!

  • No, You probably should be glad that he didn't screen shot it.

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