Quarterback battle round one. Who would you rather have as QB on your team? Jay Cutler or RG III?

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  • Oh my goodness. Such bad options. Cutler is a piece of shit of a QB while RG3 is injury prone. I think a better question for round one would be Cam Newton or Matt Ryan. I really don't know who to choose. RG3 is so overrated while Cutler is disgustingly overpaid.


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  • Cutler for sure. I know people hate him because they see him as some kind of arrogant, spoiled brat - but he's still a very good QB. The Bears would have been serious Super Bowl contenders the past few seasons, if only their defence wasn't so appallingly bad (losing B-Marsh will hurt them though).

    RG3 is constantly injured, and he's among the worst of the "running QBs" (okay, he's better than Geno Smith, but that's about it) - a style of play which I don't think will be around for long anyway (it's good to be mobile, but you still have to be able to throw the ball!)

    • I don't understand why we left Marshall go, he was one of the best in the team, him, Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte made a great trio.

    • Yeah, I didn't really hear about the trade at the time, but I presume it must have been entirely due to off the field issues, because otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever (a 5th round pick?).
      I know they drafted Kevin White (a star in the making) and they still have Alshon Jeffery (a star already), but right now White is injured and Jeffery will be facing constant double-coverage because all they have left is Eddie Royal. It could be a long season for Bears fans...
      Meanwhile, the Jets are suddenly starting to look like a half-decent team, amazingly.

  • I'm a Bears fan, I have to go with Cutler. I know he hasn't been the best this last year, but hopefully this year he gets back to being good. He's a very good QB, but needs to be faster at making decisions.

  • it was pretty dumb to take rg3 over luck. that being said rg3 sucks

  • RG3 all the way!

  • Cutler.

    I don't like Cutler. But RG III is washed up.