How do I get people to respect me at my job?

It's pretty obvious that most people don't like me too much. Not that I'm working soley to meet people but it would be nice to be treated like a person and not like someone who everyone thinks is beneath them.


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  • First, you need to give them respect. And be nice to the people, be communicative! Sounds like crap but it works wonders and makes a huge difference.

    Show interest in what they do and if they open up to you, do so too. Befriend them. Maybe, you might even start to like them too.

    And most important to know:nothing like that changes from one day to the other. Be patient and do your best.

    When you start to know a person better in a positive way, it automatically makes you respect them. It is just how things works. Good luck!


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  • You got to show respect first