Can only black girls be Nubian queens?

Can I call myself that too? I just really like how it sounds, black girls make up all the cool stuff. Lol. I want to make sure I can without offending anyone.


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  • Nubian refers to a region in Africa around the nile river so I suppose if you were a non-black person but from that area you could call yourself a Nubian queen

    But it's not that they just made it up it's based on heritage.


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  • A woman with African heritage. A Nubian Queen (A Black Woman) is a woman who usually has a dark skin complexion and thick kinky or coily hair. A Nubian Queen is a woman that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes which can range from slim/slender to thick/curvy.

    Nubian Queens are also very intelligent and don't all shake their butts to rap music. Most want an education and a good well paying job.

    Also, it should be noted that Nubian Queens do not like to be praised because of their figure i. e. full hips or buttocks, but because of their willingness to survive despite the great obstacles that might be in their way.

    Nubian Queens are also very creative and wear their hair in a variety of beautiful and exotic hair styles. Nubian Queens are also talented and make great spouses. Nubian Queens also make good mothers and have been known to hold a household together with or without a man.

    Overall, Nubian Queens are beautiful. The media has reduce them to nothing but booty walking around, but Nubian Queens are more than that. Nubian Queens are friends, lovers, and the mothers of civilization.
    An Incredibly, Beautiful and Abundantly Melanined Black Woman that seems to be the envy of lots of women of color.

    Source: Urban Dictionary

    If you fit in this, then yes, otherwise it can offend someone, sorry...


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  • Just black or arabian. Sorry.

  • You can't be a Nubian Queen. Sorry.


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  • Call yourself what you want, but don't expect people not to give you strange looks for calling yourself that, lol.

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