I feel like I went from "kinda cute" to "kinda ugly"?

I moved almost two weeks ago and i have never felt so unattractive on a regular basis as i have done. I got friends and my studies are going fine, but i can't seem to get any guys attention.

I studies from January to June this year in another city and i got so much more attention, i even dated this one guy, one guy was crazy after me and a third guy was obviously into me. Guys would also come up and talk to me.. and i was way less social then, than im now.

The only guys that a shown some sort of attraction towards me is one of my guy friends and 40 years old men on the street. Even the days i make an effort, wearing nicer clothes and putting on mascara, i still dont get attention, except from my guy friend that tells me how good i look. except that, nada!

I know it shouldn't matter, but its almost like i went from "kinda cute" to "kinda ugly".. I dont know what to do, adny advice on how to deal with this?


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  • I know that feeling gurl :) It could just be a hormonal imbalance of some sort, playin tricks on you. Like, you know, some days you wake up feeling flawless & all, brush your hair n you're good to go... but some days, you spend hours at the dressing table & still can't shake that 'bad-look-day' vibe, u put on your nicest clothes & best hair-dos but still feel ugly as shit... knw what I mean?

    • Yeah. . But I feel like this almost everyday. .