How can I contact a musician to get to meet him at a concert, agent est?

Me and my brother are huge billy joel fans and love his music. We are both 27, twins and lived in Alaska most of our lives he has done two tours in Iraq and just loves Billie Joel's music. I want to buy us concert tickets and fly us out to New York from Alaska to watch his concert in December. But I think it would be amazing, if we could get a picture and autograph with him, especially since we are flying half way across a continet. Is this impossible anyone got a hold of a musician or other artist? Like through his agent.. or something? I think it would be cool, but I think it would be even more awesome for my brother.


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  • You could probably just buy back stage passes, might e easier than going through all the channels...

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • The place you buy tickets from usually has that in VIP if they offer it, check with the box office.