Surprise! You have been elected the supreme decision maker to design a new planet including designing its living inhabitants, what are your plans?

So you can build an entire planet. There are no restrictions. What would you do? What would life be like there? I like specifics but feel free to be as vague or detailed as you like.


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  • I am going to build a more reinforced atmosphere with more balanced seasons. Humans will cease to exist and instead we will be different, more advanced hominids who communicate telepathically. The animals will be more advanced, too. The planet will have the same gravity. Death will not exist in the hominids, nor the animals. It will be more like pokemon. We won't need to eat. No STD's. No racial, bullyish, homophobic, sexist thoughts, etc. A perfect world, except no one is ever born or dies. Population is controlled.


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