Would you be thinking like my mom too or would you be thinking like me?

Ok so my neighbor (a girl) had said that maybe I should come over her house sometimes. Then I had told my mom what she the girl said and my mom was like "I don't why she want you to come over her house now, she had all this time to ask you that, all she wants to do is want you to go over there so she can be noisy and I bet her mom had put her up to this that's all, she probably thinks that you have no friends and feel sorry for you" and I didn't say anything. I don't think she's trying to do that because me and the girl met because we rode the same bus at my last school and we weren't really friends at that time and she never asked me to come over her house and plus her other friends were coming over her house. Now, we're like Bestfriends and getting to know each other and we always have a good time on the bus in the morning and afternoons because we have no classes together except for 1. So, would you be thinking like my mom or like me? By the way my mom said that I could go over there if I want but if that was her, she wouldn't go over there.

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  • Honestly, I think your mum is too suspicious and overthinking it. I think the girl is just trying to be friendly with you and be social. I personally think you should go to her house as not only will you enjoy it it is good for your social skills to. Doing these sorts of things is how your grow friendships stronger and stronger. :)


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  • I would be thinking like you. You two didn't know each other at that time, so why should have she invite you at her house? Now, that you two have a great friendship I don't see it as something out of pity. @.@


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  • I think your mom is being very negative here, automatically assuming that a stranger (in this case that girl) probably only has bad intentions.
    I don't see what's weird about the situation. When I was in school (particularly in elementary and middle school but also later) I sometimes was in the same class with somebody for a long until I suddenly realized that this person actually seems pretty nice/cool. In high school I was in the same class with a guy for three years and we never really spoke to each other until, in the fourth and last year, we got to know each other and suddenly realized that we like each other quite a lot. Even now at university these kind of things sometimes happen to me, though it's harder because there are way more people and I'm not just in one single class anymore.

    • Yeah I think so too :/ and oh cool. Thanks for answering :)

  • I am not 100% sure what is going - If you are best friends now it sounds reasonable that she would ask you over.


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  • Just came on and saw this, @Ashely_Princess... I will give you my own wise owl bird at hand Answer.
    You have her Now eating out of your hand as a Bestie and a Pinkie Swear to the end Friend. And if you had listened to Mother, who doesn't always knows Best, you would be sitting at home or even alone on the bus because you had your own gut feeling that you were Right in your heart because your New 'Bestfriend' had Love in her own heart for YOU.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks @Paris13

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    • I will and it's ok I know you could be busy sometimes :)

    • Yes, and but happy to oblige anytime for you, @Ashely_Princess and I do believe here with your newbie friend to the end, you did the right thing in your own heart.. I feel it.:)) xxoo

  • i hate strict parents. i have a pair. i feel ya!

    • Yeah and thanks for answering

  • I don't see the harm in going over.

    • Me neither. Thanks for answering :)