Does he like me?

Been talking to a guy who lives in florida. I live in NJ he started hitting/flirting with me saying things like one day ill love him etc. He also sent me i guess u can say firdt impression flowers. I went to visit him in fl with freind who moved in with him. He treated me amazing like a girlfriend. He said he's not reasy for anything yet. he's been cheated on an doesn't trust people. Now im home we talk everyday through texts snaps etc. We both initiate it usually. Goodmorning texts saying have a good day. I usually do that and he does once in a while. He responds with a thank you dear you too. He also calls me dear, says sweet dreams, the other day said he missed me tonight " i missed you tonight bae" etc. He also gets sexual lol. Do these things mean he likes me? We also talk about random things. Like the other day about glasses and hair. He takes my advice and did it.. Could thius potentially turn into something better like bg/gf I really want it to i guess he just needs to trust a little more. So are these good signs? we also had sex while i was there, but he still continuously talks to me. If someone got what they wanted wouldn't they stop talking to you unless they really liked you.


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  • Fortunately, it looks like you've got something big going on for you.

    This man definitely is interested in you reasons being:
    1. You both keep contact regularly and both of you are initiating it.
    2. There is an emotional connection (through goodnight texts, cute romantic nicknames, saying i miss you etc.)
    3. He gets sexual with you, if a man starts to get sexual with you it means he is definitely interested in you. It gives an indication that he wants to be involved you even more.

    Most of all, he had sex with you plus not leaving you afterwards.

    No one ever has sex with a person without loving them (unless it's for reason such as prostitution, money related etc. obviously).

    If he stays with you and behaves like he always has after your first time having sex, it can usually mean that he is not only interested in you physically, but he also cares about you on a deeper emotional level.


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