Why do us ladies have to pay too?

seems like no matter what you do guys still refuse to be chivalrous gentlemen even if you are a lady they till treat you like one of those ****** on the magazine or music videos or regular girls that like to walk around half naked...

im not a lady to impress a guy so i won't change myself... but why?
and it's so funny how they keep saying if you want chivalry or a gentleman act like a lady... HA! good one

where are the gentlemen? the rugged men with chivalry? the old fashioned guys?

i guess this is more of a rant than a question... but maybe someone can give me a better prespective... why do ladies have to pay for what ***** do?

i meant pay the price for what a lot of women choose to do... like if a guy meets a girl and she gives it up too easy he assumes all women will act the same

if he whistles at a girl like she is a dog and she responds positively he whistles at every female...


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  • Good question, lady.

    Why do I, as a guy, have to be seen by
    women as if I'm some sex crazed animal? ^.^

    It's the curse of difference, I guess.

    We can never truly understand one another
    we can only ever try our best.

    I'm sorry, if you met a man who treated you in a way
    that made you feel, like you deserve better, you should
    leave them.. no questions asked.

    Also, however clichΓ© it may sound..
    love is not found.. it is stumbled upon. ^.~

    • good points actually
      and about the se crazed thing... well ill admit i do this sometimes too, but you see rape is like my ultimate fear in life and rape comes from close as family members not only a stranger in a dark ally i need to know if the guy can be trusted or not
      but if you treat the girls all like ***** the actual **** will be fine with it but the ladies will be really hurt and won't look at you the same
      if you treat all girls like ladies, you might get better reactions from **** (unless they have issues) and the ladies will like it

      either way you personally are in no risk and your life is not in danger either way

      so yea i get what you mean and its not fair and not all men are sex crazed... but the risk is too big ya know

      and that is the most beautiful cliche ever lol
      never heard it before.. i like it
      let's hope i stumble soon lol

    • I wish you all the best in your life. ^.^

    • thank you ^_^
      you too...

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  • i agree totally. *come at me down votes*


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  • When you only meet one type of women, and never meet ladies, you start acting one way towards them because that's what's given you success with women. Why are you gonna change when what you're doing is giving you great results?
    There are many gentlemen out there, I consider one myself, and I know there are many ladies out there too, the thing is that it all depends on what you're looking for. If a guy just want sex, he's most likely not gonna treat you like a lady, because ladies don't go just for sex (at least not 99% of them).
    If a man wants a relationship, he will treat you like a lady, because he knows ladies want a relationship (at lest 99% of them).

    If you wanna hunt a dear, you're not gonna go hunt it to the ocean. You adapt to the environment and what you want.

    • sad... but very true... and yea i guess it makes sense that a lot of guys would act that way, and as i see many girls are really easy these days and the guys get results as you said

  • I've seen girls on this site say "if I meet a guy and I want a relationship with him I'll take things slow and avoid having sex with him right away" and "if a guy is attractive but not what I want for a relationship then im more likely to have sex right away"

    When I heard that I thought "why would I want to be the relationship guy". Why do I want to take a girl on dates and romance her for 2 months before she sleeps with me when some guy she meet at a club or on tinder probably got into bed with her on the first or second date.

    There's just not as much incentive to be the chivalrous guy.

    • dont you want the real thing? dont you want to actually matter to the girl AND have sex?

      i dont have sex either way 9until im married) but yea i take it slow with a guy if i like him a lot because he actually means something to me and sometimes they really make you feel safe and special and you just are too cared to rik it or lose them... it feels like its the real deal, the guy is like your hero and you dont wanna risk driving him away... you are also scared that he might not feel the same and be just with you for sex thats why slow and steady to not risk losing him and because it would hurt super bad if it was one sided and you are just a sexx toy to him

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    • I don't have an issue with taking things slow IF the girl is normally like that. However if she's had sex at the 2 week mark or sooner with previous partners but then wants to make me wait 2 months that bothers me. For one in makes me feel like I'm not as attractive or as exciting as the other guys who did get sex right away. That's she was more exciting to have sex with them than she is to have sex with me.

      Ita also possibly my ego too. Like I just don't want to spend 2 months of my time taking a girl out on dates and opening up to her, waiting for her to want to have sex with me if she was willing to have sex right away with guys she met at parties or on tinder. It just cheapens things and makes me feel pathetic.

    • Also think about it like this

      Girls are used to guys wanting sex right away so if you meet a guy who wants to wait, you'd likely see it as a pleasant surprise.
      Guys are used to girls wanting to wait so when a girl wants it right away he often sees it as a pleasant surprise.

      However if you meet a girl who wanted sex with her previous partners but now wants to wait just for you, well that's disapointing.

  • Expecting you to put in equal effort when it comes to dating and relationships is NOT the same as treating you like sluts.


    By the way you are doing the exact same thing as the guys you complain about. You assume that since a few guys treat women like that, then all guys treat women like that.

    • and thats not even what im talking about...

    • You should learn to word out your questions correctly then.

  • If either of you wants the other to spend their own money then the relationship is already doomed. You should be fighting wanting to be the one to pay for the other not the other way around. You should enjoy giving things for each other not focus on getting something back.

  • I applaud the death of chivalry.

  • Well it's in my culture to pay for women and I NEVER AND WON'T let a woman pay anything if I am there

    • dude xD read the details

      i meant pay the price for what a lot of women choose to do... like if a guy meets a girl and she gives it up too easy he assumes all women will act the same

      if he whistles at a girl like she is a dog and she responds positively he whistles at every female...
      like that

    • Ugh srry I hate details πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ look it's 2 Am and I got headache so I am mostly high at this time πŸ˜‚ srry about that

    • haha dw about it

  • Ladies have to pay because they are (theoretically) just as capable to pay as a man is. This is in contrast to the past when men comprised the vast majority of the workforce. It's not an emotional thing, it's a practical thing.

    • please read the details... or the update

    • My fault, to revise my response I will say that ladies have to pay for what b****** do because it's a conservative way for men to approach approaching women. For example, a woman who feels independent will be insulted if a man opens a door for her, but a lady will likely not be as insulted because not opening a door is not a deal-breaker for most women whereas belittling women is a deal-breaker for a woman who feels independent. It is like when women give nice guys a hard time during initial conversations because there are so many creeps and whatnot on the male side of the sexual market.

  • Who said men want a good girl, if they wanted good girls nuns would be the most wanted women out there.

    And second you said your not a lady to impress guys, then why do you expect them to be men to impress you

  • Feminism killed the old fashioned guys.

  • That's what 21st sextury

  • LOL old chivalry is kinda worshiping woman so death of chivalry is a good thing. DEATH TO DOUBLE STANDARDS

  • Read my take. I've no doubt you're exactly the sort of woman it was written for.

    • no im not... far from it
      im educated and do want to pursue a career

      that was not the best my take... and stay at home moms are not that picture you put up...

  • Gender equality.
    Chivalry often leads to the idea that men are looking out for women because women are lesser.

    • what? o. O
      says who? wow

    • Says history...
      that's exactly what happened.

    • ugh... more reason to feel like i belong in a different era...

  • Love is and always has been transactional when it gets down to it. This for that. And the market has been changed.

    The odd thing is the women who agitated for this change thought it would liberate them and give them advantages but it has put them in a worse position than ever.

    • what do you mean? what change?

    • Liberty, freedom to act more like a man, equality. The problem is men and women don't want the same things. Men mostly just want something from women they are inclined to do anyway but women mostly want something from men they are disinclined to give. In days gone by the social mores constrained men and women. When those bond were broken women thought they would have more of an advantage but what they have found out is they are in a naturally weaker position.

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  • I get what you're saying. When I was single, I went on some dates where the guy already treated me with a lot of suspicion as if I was out to treat him like a dog when we were simply out having drinks and getting to know each other. It was as if he refused to even try to be nice because he had said every time he had before he just got shafted in the end.

    So my thinking is, why are you even out with me? Why do I have to make some proclamation that I'm decent? Maybe it goes both ways and I would like a little incentive too that I wasn't wasting my time either. But you're right, there is this dating paranoia going on now where everyone has got their guard up and refuse to let it down unless the other one does and it's actually really painful to watch.

    My single female friends who are going through this tell me it's murder out there to try and be a decent woman only to pay for the mistakes other women have made. All I can say is if you're not ready to date, then don't. That goes for men and women, both.

    • that is EXACTLY what im talking about !
      im glad someone actually gets it

      i hate this generation and age with a passion :( things are sooo bad these days its like we are slowly turning into robots...

      i dont wanna pay for someone else's mistake but at the same time I've been hurt and i get it and i wish someone would cut me some slack and put up with me a little and be more patient so i try to do that to others... only to get walked all over and get everything taken out on me... :(

      seriously getting hopeless...

  • Why do guys come on here pretending to be asshole girls just to stir shit up? -_-

  • Welp, chivilary was actually knights code and they werent always the most morally upstanding people... that aside, why does it have to be gender based? why can't we treat all people with respect? I open doors for men and women, I say thank you and please, I try to go out of my way to be nice, lets just all be descent human beings

  • I'm afraid I don't understand what you're talking about. Pay for what?

    • pay the proce for what a lot of women choose to do... like if a guy meets a girl and she gives it up too easy he assumes all women will act the same

      if he whistles at a girl like she is a dog and she responds positively he whistles at every female...
      like that

    • Well, honey, unfortunately, that's how it goes. Just worry about yourself. If shitty men treat you poorly, you don't have to keep them in your life.

  • static2.hypable.com/.../omgicanteven.gif

    If you want to write a nonsensical rant get a blog.

    • others get it so...

    • And others didn't because it is very poorly written. There is no clear question. I will even quote you on that "guess this is more of a rant than a question".

  • It is a shame that some guys treat some women like you said; they think because the women in porn, movies, or music videos all like that it seems. That's not the case, and I appreciate the guys that treat me as an individual and not like the women he sees in fantasy. The ones that don't... a swift goodbye from me.

    • you read my mind

      hope i meet one of those soon becuse its getting hopeless

    • It's too bad us/some women have to deal with it. But I would either take a break from dating for a bit or try a different scene?
      I met a nice guy at a local town event, we were waiting in line for drinks. I've never been to one of these, and I met him kind of early on in the day. It's too bad he was just visiting his family and lived out of state. :(

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