Things I hate about myself?

I really hate things about me like nagging, not patient and more, everyday I SAY im willing to change and I just go back to these old habits, but I really want to change, I believethat I can, but how? help please


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  • The thing is.. the meaning of life is finding oneself
    and this, is a lifelong journey. ^.^

    The first step, is acceptence
    which you seem to have in order.

    Next, is to detach yourself
    from said things.

    People generally "cannot" change but they
    can however, find new sides of themselves.

    Habits are decently simple to break
    but you need a friend, or willing relative.

    Have them throw away a coin
    each time you fall into the habit
    if you care for the person, you will
    subconsciously feel bad for them
    and eventually stop.

    I did this myself, several times
    with my friends who smoked. ^.^


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