Is it stupid to "expose" a liar online?

Online there was this feud between these two girls. One girl is the owner of a shop, the other is a customer. The shop owner lied to all 40k of her fans about the customer, claiming she was a "scammer." She then allowed all her fans to go on the customers page and harrass and bully her, she even photoshopped pics to make her look bad. I have all these screenshots and proof that the shop owner is the real liar, and it gets me really mad that everyone is bullying the customer who is actually innocent. Tbh i dont really know what to do with the screenshots though... should i post them and "expose" her or should i delete them and mind my own buisness?

  • Tell the shop owner that you know the truth
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  • Post the screenshots and show her fans to prove she lied
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  • Delete screenshots and forget about it
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  • It depends how invested you want to get into the whole thing. It does seem like the right thing to do to though. Maybe talk to your parents about it first to in case things go waaaaay crazy.


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