If you could make 1 change to gag what would it be?


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  • I can't say it enough. The ability to turn off notifications.

    Some topics and comments should be left to go and die and rot, and when some lose their footing, I care to have no part of them anymore. I'd rather not see my orange bubble constantly reminding me that someone wants to tell me I'm a menopausal old woman in some topic from three months ago just because I disagreed with them.

    Sometimes if I don't log in for a couple of days, I'll see 78 notifications collectively for about 12 topics. I mean my god. I should have the ability to go to which ones I'm sick of and turn a notification off so I don't have to continue to click it and go to the page just to be rid of the notification every time.

    • Agreed! I also hate the fact that I keep getting notifcations for questions I asked a year ago and dont even need answers to. I want to be able to have that choice to shut off the notification.

  • No nudity and no posts that are obviously just for fap material.

  • The ability to reactivate my old acc

  • Bring back the (1 2 3 4..) pages instead of "show more". If I look at my opinion or question section I want to be able to click on page 4 or whatever to look at my old opinions to see how my opinions were a year or two ago or what type of question was pondering my mind back then. lol Plus it's quicker to view than the "show more".

    • Very much agreed. It slows down the bandwidth. Personally, I think they should organize them by year, kind of like what Facebook does. That would make things even easier.

      Funny thing is I came back to this question to say exactly this in a comment on my own post.

    • Oh that's so true. I never thought about doing the year thing that Facebook does. That's a good idea.

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