Any advice for a GaG newbie?


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  • Don't filter yourself.

    • What do you mean?

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    • Ahh, gotchu. Thanks, I'll remember that.

    • Thanks for MHO <3

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  • Give a helpful opinion as possible where needed

    If you become super active here, expect haters

    Don't be afraid to get to know people here by commenting on their opinions or later through PM. However, grow attached to people here at your own risk

    Whatever you make of GaG is up to you.


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  • 1. You will meet people that hate you here, people that like you, people that are rude, people that are sexist or racist, people that are mean and nasty, people that want to have a good conversation with you and those that just get mad when you say something that disagrees with their view.

    2. Some guys send random pics of their genitals to girls in private messages here, just thought I would tell you this so it is less of a shock if it happens.

    3. If you are the type of person that wants to avoid arguments on here then be careful how you word your opinions and questions. Saying something like "Why are all men pigs or why are all women bitches" will start no end of angry, mean and nasty answers to your question or opinion. If you have to ask a question like this make sure you don't generalise. Using the word SOME is always a good idea.

    4. Also if you don't like arguments or heating discussions avoid the topics of feminism, and nice guys vs bad boys they are very touchy subjects.

    5. If you have someone harassing you you can block them. To do this you go on their profile and click the "X" on the top right hand side of the page. There is also a flag there also which you can use to report them if necessary. However, remember that if you ever post a question using the anonymous feature anyone you have blocked will be able to answer it.

    6. If someone posts an opinion on any of your questions or opinions that breaks the guide lines here at GAG you can report it. For example bullying is not accepted. Just click the flag on their opinion to report it.

    7. Always keep in mind that once you post a question or opinion on GAG you can't remove it so be careful with what you post. If you post a question and then don't want it linked to your account anymore you can disavow it after 24 hours. This will mean it will stay on the site but other users will not be able to see it came from you anymore and you will get no more notifications from that question anymore. Remember once you disavow a question you cannot get the question back.

    8. Keep an open mind while you are on GAG, you get all sorts of questions here.

    Remember, I am a mod here so if you have any questions message me and I will get back to you.

  • Stop going anonymous so we could be a part of our big, happy family! :D

    • Alright, cool. I'll remember next time I post :)

  • Enjoy your time:) Learn to use the block button because you will run into some rude characters on here. Tell people your ideas. Share thoughts and feelings as well as ask questions. Don't be afraid to say what you feel; and just stay positive:P

    • Thanks for the advice :)

  • You will probably get some haters and thats ok.
    Don't take tagging questions too seriously
    Learn to use blocking
    Try to avoid all generalization questions or generalizing in general.
    Keep an open mind. Remember we're all humans here. other than that have fun! And welcome to GAG

    • Got it :) Thanks for your response

    • Any time I'm always here if you need help. So are these other great GAGers

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  • be yourself
    dont take it too seriously
    make friends
    dont be afraid to be bold
    have fun.

  • Watch out for the creeps!!! Haha!!; but enjoy and have fun!!!

    • Haha, thanks for the heads up :)

  • Hey I REjoined today :)

    Well, there's many people who are willing to help, there are also a few mean ones who don't care for your opinion, but they sure are the minority
    And there's creeps, but it's not that bad

    • Welcome back 😁

    • Thnx!
      And welcome!

      Just always try to be nice and help as much as you can ^^
      Helping warms the heart

    • Will do :) Thank you for the advice