This question might be too much for gagers to deal with lol. Why do people take having confidence for granted? Why don't people admit that?

Certain experiences and events throughout their lives helped shape and boost their self esteem, which helped them develop that confidence? For those who are confident and then blast people who aren't , what if no one ever acknowledged you? Gave you any type of compliment or praise? Rejected you no matter what you did to improve or please? A lot of you who are confident are only so because you either have had good experiences in life and have been complimented, and have had at least some success before lack of success started draining your confidence because yes guys can be strong and optimistic, but there''s only so much rejection, put downs, and negative experiences with people a guy can take. For those who blast guys for venting for their lack of success in the dating game, you might think you're built to take what he is going through, but really are you? And for those who've been throughthe same thing and are no longer going through that, and came out unscathed, one would think that they would be grateful , but they aren't. They just blast guys and be like "look dude I went to the gym, got more sociable, blah blah and things started changing and I was able to get dates stop whining " and I laugh and think to myself how do they know that they haven't made any attempts to "improve"?

I just silenced the whole site lol!!!


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  • It's not all nature or nurture. Given the same degree of reinforcement some people will be very confident and others will be very timid. Your conscious mind can also train you to a certain degree, that is part of it's job. When people say do this and that to be more confident they are really saying "take charge of training yourself rather than being trained by random events or manipulated by other people". It's good advice but it will only get you so far.

    "Every Night and every Morn
    Some to Misery are Born.
    Every Morn and every Night
    Some are Born to sweet delight.
    Some are Born to sweet delight,
    Some are Born to Endless Night."

    W. Blake