How do you cope with grief of death of a loved one?


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  • All you can do is take it day by day, hour by hour. Try to spend as much time with friends you can trust. Night time is always the worst, when past wonderful memories come back to haunt you. Try to keep as busy as possible, but your attention span will be limited, so don't take on mammoth tasks. Read a few pages of a book, then go out for a coffee. Have a short walk. Do as many small things as you can, to keep diverting your mind away from the grief.

    I went through this 10 years ago when I lost my father. It will take time, but I promise it will get better. It'll never go completely, but you will learn to live a normal life with it.

    Take care, stay safe!!


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  • Well. in my beliefs they never died, they simply
    moved on to the next stage, in their soul's cycle.

    While it's always sad to lose someone close to you
    I've never been impacted much by it.

    The hardest impact I had with this, was when
    my father passed away, that's before I awoke.

    It left me in a slump for some time.

    I now one thing that helps grievers.. and that is
    to get your mind off the matter.. focus on hobbies
    or goals that you may have.

    Small things is fine.. build that birdhouse of wood
    you were thinking of? Perfect. do it. ^.^

  • My father died in the last 12 months, I try to push on, keep my chin up... But it's hard, especially when those moments hit you, it's like waves...
    9 months until I stopped falling asleep with a tear in my eye