Advice on how to not die after veyr little sleep?

so i just moved and i have problems getting a good night sleep. Its mostly because its way too hot, and i can't sleep unless i got the fan on, which i try to avoid because of the electric bill. I wake up maybe 6 times a night, some times because its so hot, other times because the cat wants to cuddle..

Im going to work late tonight, im guessing until 3 AM.. so any advice on how to not die later? lol


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  • Don't worry, you need to stay awake for several days
    for it to have any significant backlash on your mind/body.

    If you have trouple sleeping, you could try drinking
    Chamomile tea.. it has certain things in it, that aids
    aids people who have difficulties sleeping.

    Also.. before you go to bed, make sure you stay
    clear of bright screens (tv, pc, phone etc.) for about
    half an hour, or your mind will be.. messy. ^.~

    Actually.. it's harder than it sounds.. but something that's
    been proven to work for insomniacs.. is to lie compeltely still
    for about half an hour (you can breath of course), and that should
    put even the insomniacs to sleep.

    But as I first said.. don't worry about falling asleep in the day
    as long as you have something to do, to focus on, you won't fall asleep.

    I sleep very little myself (must have been hell for my mother when I was little..)


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  • Dude don't sleep for 3 days and write what you see I tried to do it but always end up sleeping on the second day going to the third

  • Maybe put a wet towel on yourself? Or soak your clothes in cold water?

  • Yeah it is hard to sleep when weather is hot , open the windows perhaps?

    • it doesn't help.. in addition i can't have them too much open because of the cat..

    • Sleep naked with very thin blanket?

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