Does anyone on here watch the boondocks?

if you do tell me your fav episodes

mine are definitely the first two about stink meaner and the one about fried chicken virus/apocalypse


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  • The show is hilarious. I honestly don't know if I have a favorite episode, though. Some are better than others, but they're good overall.


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  • Boondocks is so fucking awesome!
    My favourite episode would have to be the episode where that blind old "NYUCKA" guy possesses the barack obama looking guy, I fogot their names lol. Or, that episode where Huey fights the Afro-Samurai. I love all of the episodes! So much truth.

    • yea that's the stink meaner one LOL and he drip kicks the guy in the parking lot lmfao

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  • Nigga moment 2, gay is the new black, bitches to rags, lemonade stand, tagging episode, kidnapping Oprah

    Honestly too many to count. That show is hilarious