How does it feel to move out?

I'm moving out because my family is just not supportive about what I want to do. I want to go into the medical school. My brother and my mom stresses me out their always on my case and they kill me with phone calls. I've had enough and I want to move out. I took a year off to get 2 jobs. I have $25,000 saved up right now for rent and other things. I have a stable job and looking for another one. I just change my major from linguistics to biomedical. I really hated my program because I am basically not learning anything, the information is not interestin in the second year. I always knew I wanted to be a doctor but I was scared to go after it because people would tell me I don't need to go and work when I can get married off. My culture is very strict and very old school.


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  • it feels very very good to have independence and be able to do things when you want where you want, how you want.
    you will love it!!!
    you will feel a huge wave of relief..