I just found a great deal for a BMW but is it right for me as a first car?

let's be honest I'm young, I'm gunna modify it's appearance (tailights, rims, bumpers and skirts, window tinting etc) and eventually the car is gunna seduce me (lol) into putting the petal to the metal on the free way

its a GREAT deal and the car is beautiful but would you recommend it for a person like me?

its a four door BMW 3 series 330i 2005


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  • Go for it!


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  • learn to drive in a cheap car first


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  • I had one 3-series but with a smaller engine.
    Cramped interior, good roadholding and brakes, willing engine, but air intake so low that you can ruin an engine passing through 1 ft of water.

    Mainly for good dry roads and small people thus.

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