What makes someone stupid in your opinion?

As the question says, what is a stupid person to you?


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  • It depends how you define intelligence. In the most general way I'd say intelligence is the ability to succeed, the get what you want and want want you get. To be able to adapt as well as control.

    Stupid would be the opposite, to be unable to perceive or understand the situation and so to be frustrated and stymied by life. Many people with great formal powers of calculation or memory, who achieve distinction academically are quite stupid by this definition.


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  • somebody who doesn't know what they want. or can't survive out in the real world.


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  • Those who know, do not say;
    Those who say, do not know.

    There is no such thing, as a stupid person
    merely someone, who has yet to question.

    To explain in more simple terms..
    A.. less enlightened individual
    is a person, who refuses to take advice. ^.^

  • being a feminist.

  • someone who feels the need to talk 24/7. 9/10 times the loudest person in the room is generally the stupidest.

    • Hmm, i have had different experiences.

    • I might be biased cuz when people talk loudly and shove their views in people faces I automatically want to bash their head open so take it with a pinch of salt.

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