Are saggy breasts a turnoff?

If she has really big natural breasts is it a turnoff if they're saggy?

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If they do turn you off would you be fine with a breast lift?


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  • It shows that you don't really work out. It's kinda like seeing a fat dude. Or a really skinny guy with his bones popping out.

    • What if I'm an athlete?

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    • That is not how breasts work at all.. Sometimes thin girls get really big breasts, and gravity isn't always easy on those.

    • Alright thank you Shae for clarifying.

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  • As long as they don't sag ridiculously low like those of an old lady, it's not a turn off.


What Girls Said 1

  • Breasts sag naturally especially if your girls are bigger. Don't even worry about it. If a guy gives you any flack about it, he's not good enough to be seeing them anyway.

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