Isn't it great if I found a quiz website?

Someone pointed that it is spamming. I "kinda" believe it. G@G guidelines allow this too.

G@Gers will advertise it here on their questions, increasing my revenue for free!!!

Easy money 💰😎💱

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  • Like would it be a good idea if you founded a quiz site? I don't know... Quizilla died last year and that was a really old site so I don't know if there's really a big market for them right now.

    • T_T tell me it's a lie. I thought they're running smoothly. I used them when I didn't even know about gag and the way gagers post and participate in it, seems like they're very popular.

    • IKR? I was so bummed!!! I think they're popular on GaG because they're kind of different?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Technically isn't advertising self or anything else to earn revenue considered SPAM here as per guidelines?

    • People post quiz questions (which redirects to the top 2 sites I mentioned in the update) every day. They might be earning a lot because of GAG.
      Guidelines are so shallow. Basically, they're not 'genuine' questions.

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    • Nah. Your opinions have far superior quality. :)

    • Thank you for the MH young friend :) <3

      Numbers matter not quality always ;)

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  • Here is the estimate for this site.

    • Hmm this site don't earn that much :|

    • You can also tell how the site is not doing well if you ever look at how many views GaG has on its youtube videos. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner is actually losing money

    • I agree. Just $ 2,016 monthly and we know how much gift cards are redeemed per month. I don't know how this site pulled ~8 years.