OMG!!! I can't even say a word. Have you ever been in shock before? That you stay speechless?

Sooo.. Something happen that I really can't talk about.. LOL!! But just want to know if there was something that has ever happen to you and you stayed with out words? Tell the story if your up for it. The story i like the most gets MHO.


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  • My Great Uncle & Aunt and grown siblings are all from Texas
    well my Uncle was 82 and he lived a rough life in his early years
    well he passed away Aug 11, 2015 and his daughter who was
    just like age 55-59 took sick a week later and was doing some
    things for my Aunt and she got sick with flu like symptoms and'
    she dropped dead from a massive heart attack.

    Talking about shock my cousin called and told me i was like
    i just couldn't talk cause death does something to me and
    i go in like state of shock well i still can't believe my Aunt
    loss both of them But stuff happens i been through so much,


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