What does my dream mean?

Haven't had a nightmare in a while but last night I had an eery one that I can't get out of my head.

It takes place at my grandparents' house. But the house is dark and dreary, and they are not there. Instead an old man I don't know lives there. He is kind and goodhearted.

He has a dog and somehow the dog gives forth that the old man is not a good man at all. But as the old man leaves the dream after a very brief period, the dog turns into an even older man who is cruel, twisted and has a voice so ugly it curls my toes in fear.

He tells me how he is a danger to the old man who left the dream and how he will be a danger to me too. I scream and run from him in fear.

I overhear him speak to a woman in her late 30s (who I don't know but trusted, though I can't see her, they're in another room and I'm listening through a door) and it's clear she hates him and is a strong woman. But she then sides with him, which only scared me more.

I run away and jump into a dark room behind furniture in a dark corner, hiding myself.

Then I wake up.

What does this dream mean?


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  • My intuition says you're afraid you might become that late 30s woman.


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  • Dreams aren't that detailed. if u told the truth then dont worry dreams are just your subconscious mind playing with u