GAG'ers, which personality is your big example in life?

For me, it's our Belgian astronaut Frank De Winne.
Both in his times as test pilot and as astronaut, he was an example in terms of professionalism and modesty.
And the short term it took him to learn the Russian space capsule Soyuz better than the engineers themselves, was impressive.
So, how about you people? It could be an actor, singer, politician, writer, sportsman/woman,...


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  • That is tough. I guess I will say that professor Librei Lebrescue because afters surviving the holocaust and seeing how evil people can be, he choose to die as a hero using his body as a human shield when a mad gunmen went into a school and started shooting at people in his school.

    I also like Danny Funderbuck (I may have spelled that wrong) cause he went to Mount Everest to raise money for a village in Nepal and died climbing the mountain for his fundraising campaign during an avanlanche.

    I also like this black Christian I saw on t. v. because he ran a christian orphanage and he said "I am one of the happiest people alive. I have the joy of helping others."

    I also like Dave Toycen, the FORMER president of the Canadian chapter of world vision because he went on all these humanitarian missions to other countries and worked with the organization for 40 years. World vision is a charity that helps children in poverty - many of them would starve to death if there wasn't donations going through.

    I also like the 3 doctors. Three Black high school students made a pact while teenagers that they would become doctors and escape their lives of poverty, and today all 3 of them are doctors!!!

    • Oh wow, a whole list of examples :D
      You know what I like? You know exactly what they stand for, so they really mean a lot to you :D

    • Your very rich list of examples is the very very very most helpful :D

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  • Hitler. He had the right idea--aggression and violence in the open, rather than the subterfuge of cowards.

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