Why do so many people still think white people are "privileged"?

In my opinion, it's a just a myth - it doesn't even exist.

#CheckYourPrivilege is such bullshit!

This is something a lot of us white people hear as soon as a SJW disagrees with us.

Regardless of your gender, sex, sexual behaviour, race, etc... so long as you work hard, you'll succeed. Enough with all these stupid labels!! Stop labelling people victims or privileged!!!

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  • That woman completely demolished feminism. She's great. I don't believe in white privilege in the 21st century. It's ridiculous. She provides good points and I agree with her.


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  • Are you talking about the United States? If so, perhaps you should check out the statistics some time. Did you know that African Americans are much more likely to go to prison than white Americans? Did you know they get worse punishments for the same crimes? (a black man who kills a white man is 8 times (!) more likely to receive the death penalty than a white man killing a black man). Did you know that Africans are less likely to get a high-prestige job even if they have the same qualification and that African Americans are significantly more likely to experience severe poverty? How come all the Ivy League universities in America are mostly white and how come they would be even more white if they didn't have any special quotas for black students? Do you honestly believe that's all just a coincidence? What about white police violence against unarmed African Americans? The United States is the only country in the world where you can create a nationwide outcry and career-ending scandal if you call a black guy "nigger" on TV or radio but where it is somehow deemed okay and where you get legally acquitted if you're a white gun fanatic and amateur sheriff and you kill an unarmed black teenager and later tell the court that "he looked like he wanted to break in somewhere". You don't think that's messed up to say the least?

    • Did you know that the black on white crime rates are WAY higher than the reverse? Same from black on white rape. Hell, black america's biggest problem is black on black crime. So harsher sentences for blacks, police profiling, preferring white employees over blacks, ALL MAKES SENSE when you look at stuff like violence rates, crime rates, and IQ scores. Regardless of the reason, which is probably a combination of environment and genetics, dealing with black people is inherently more dangerous, so I don't see the issue with profiling people based on statistics, statistics that are factual and true.

    • I'm not even gonna answer about your IQ statement. Saying that black people are dumber simply because they have more melanin in their skin is stupid and very racist.

      As for your other arguments: even if black crime rates are higher, it's crazy and racist to argue that this makes more severe punishments somehow justifiable. You can't just discriminate on an individual person simply because other people from his/her ethnicity happen to commit more crimes. How is that in any way related to that particular person's felony? It's not. Hence, it's a discrimination based on race.
      Same goes for employers preferring white employees simply because black crime rates are higher. Say what you want, this is racism. Pure and simple. We have the exact same thing in my country with nationality. People who come from the Balkan region and live in Switzerland commit an over-average amount of crime. Because of this, there are some employers who only look at the last name of a person who applies for a job

    • and if this person's name ends in "-ic" (meaning he/she is from Yugoslavia, Albania, the Kosovo, Serbia or Macedonia) they immediately throw the application in the trash bin, without looking at the CV or anything else. You can't just assume that a person is gonna make troubles simply because other people of his/her ethnicity or nationality make trouble. That's like if I would assume that you're a violent asshole with anger issues simply because you're American and there are way more violent people in America than in Switzerland. Statistics might give you some helpful numbers but people aren't just numbers, they're people.

      Last point: black crime rates have NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING to do with genetics. That's again, extremely racist of you. The fact that black rates are high in America is directly connected to the fact that they are socialy underprivileged and that again, has to do with politics. In other words: 90% of what you're saying is just angry white ranting and racist bs.

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  • SJW?
    White people are privileged because America is a country that was built specifically for them and no other racial group. Entire systems were constructed to deny minorities of basic human and civil rights yet give white people an advantage. Side note: This is why affirmative action even exists because white people had affirmative action for about 400 years and their systems were preventing anyone ethnic from the same possibility. White people seem to be the ONLY group who deny white privilege. I've even heard a mixed girl with an Asian mother and White father say white privilege is real. -_-

    "Regardless of your gender, sex, sexual behaviour, race, etc... so long as you work hard, you'll succeed. " <--- This is a racially oblivious, socially unaware, racially illiterate, highly unenlightened statement. You sound like you have little to zero factual knowledge on the infrastructure of our society. You can't tell people that their experiences and feelings aren't real because it makes you uncomfortable.

  • 3|1
    • That Male Privilege check list or whatever is ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS... Most of the points on it are LUDICROUS... I'm actually shitting myself right now hahahahaha!

    • Note the last point. You prove the entire article's point.

  • There are many hard working people who don't succeed with great wealth. Common labourers is one example of that.

  • I'm getting so tired of hearing about white privilege and racism in general.. not all white people are out to get blacks and other minorities. There are a lot of asshole racists but it seems the whole race gets put in a box labeled RACIST ASSHOLE.

    Yes it does exist. Yes it fucking sucks. Can we change it? probably but just remember by 2050 white people won't be the majority.

  • Not all people think all white people are privileged and I don't definitely think white people are victims. Maybe you should stop generalizing all people just because you met a few people who think that way

  • well white people is cute

  • some still are.

    • Jesus, this has to be the vaguest response ever. Unbelievable.

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  • White people are 20 times less likely to be shot by police
    17 time more likely to have a stand your ground case go in your favor
    Whites typically receive 10% less jail time for the same convictions
    Less likely to be removed from jury duty
    Many many more and that's just the justice system, www.businessinsider.com/theres-blatant-inequality-at-nearly-every-phase-of-the-criminal-justice-system-2015-8
    This is what white privelige is. The fact you are not subject to this institutionalized injustice

  • I agree, I'm sick of this political correct bulshit. Social justice warriors need to fuck off and die. #whitepride

  • As a white cis gender male rapist scumbag who needs to check his privilige !!!

    I have this token that I need to exchange it to get my privilige going for me where do i exchange it guys? I was not told

    But really as a guy who comes from a working class family back round I have to support myself through college which I am currentley doing by paying my own way with part time work for the course fees while also working my but off up the way to universitey as well while paying any bills I gotta take care along the way with very little financial help from people. Had to roll up my sleeves and work while studying a lot of the time sometimes had to sacrifice any small spare lesure time i had just to meet with ends meat. yup feel pretty priviliged for being a white guy : )

    • So because you had to work and support yourself that proves there are no institutional biases that work in your favor?

  • Well yeah, it's a political tool. I would say white people are advantaged but advantage and privilege are different concepts. Privilege implies an unfair, institutionalized advantage conferred by authority where advantage is the normal inevitable state of things. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages vis everyone else. The use of the word 'privilege' instead of advantage is plainly political manipulation.

    • If a whole ethnic group is "advantaged" as you call it, it's by definition because they are being privileged. Why else would white people be privileged over black people in the US? Did you think that's all just some incredibly coincidence that African Americans are at a clear social, economic and political disadvantage?

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    • @Tommy-Gunz

      I wish I knew, I'd claim my Nobel prize. The situation with white and black people in the USA is toxic mainly because of politics I think. It is in the nature of party politics to try and get people to vote a certain way without having to deliver anything but not being the other party if they can manage it. I'm sure you can see the advantages of this from a politicians point of view. To this end politicians and the media that serves them actually work to keep race antagonism high, while of course pretending to to the opposite or to be justified in their outrage. Politics is a perverse puppet show.

    • Oh I completely agree with politics and the media. But then that means we just accept defeat