How do you have thoughts in your head?

Are they words, like you're talking to yourself all the time or some of the time? Or do you just have feelings? Is it just pictures?

I discovered that not everyone has thoughts the same way while talking to my boyfriend one night. I always just hear my own voice in my head saying things that I think or things that I'm about to say or type or things I need to do or something. But he said he doesn't talk to himself in his head or hear his own voice when he thinks about things. He just has feelings or just thoughts with no words. I thought that was so crazy and weird that we can even have thoughts in totally different ways. So how do you have thoughts?

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  • Feelings
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  • Pictures
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  • For me, it's a mixture of them all. Mostly it would be that little voice talking, but sometimes i catch myself seeing images and my thoughts bringing certain feelings. It's an awkward thing, really

  • I think I do all of them? I think when I'm thinking deeply or focusing then there's a voice but when I'm not there's a lot of picture and emotions. Such a weird thing to think about!

  • whenever i stare at something i just start thinking.

  • Like a virtual reality video game, or film.

  • A combo of everything. Mostly feelings and pictures.