Advice on how to not give a shit?

I think i have an unhealthy "obsseion" about dating and guys. From the age of 13 i always wanted a boyfriend, but i have never had one. I was very shy and insecure utill the age of 18-19, and by that time i had gone on maybe 2-3 dates.. I would complain a lot that guys didn't like me etc. Now 20 and i still want a boyfriend, but now i actually puting myself a bit more out there, making guy friends and just making myself (hopefully) more approachable.

But it really depresses me that im pretty much ignored by guys.. Guys dont ignor me if i actually talk to them, but i rarely catch cute guys looking at me or things like that. I know its still early and there are way more important things to care about, but i can't not think about it. And i know several guys have liked me, and find me attractive, just not the guys i want.. in addition 99% of those guys (that i know of) dont do anything about it either

How to stop giving a shit? im obviously not going to meet anyone, im wasting my time on things that might never happen!


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  • I guarantee you that if you put a picture up here and a location, at least some guys will come out of cyberspace to try to contact you.

    • but i dont want just any guy..

    • Well, first you get responses, then you start filtering and being "to separate the wheat from the chaff" to use a harvest analogy.

    • begin that is. Ugh, typos

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