Why do Radical Feminists can't see that Men also have it hard?

Femi-nazi's can't see that Men are also fragile and can also be easily hurt like Women, instead they take it out on them and use Men's suffering against them to prove dominance. I completely disagree with this, but why can't they gain more knowledge and stop being bitter? this also goes for the Men who have been brainwashed by these Women into believing they need to be their protectors, just pathetic.


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  • First of all it fills my heart with joy that there are a growing number of women who think like you do. The reasons vary, but feminism is at its core controlled by a handful of "political" non-profit lobbying groups with a radical biased agenda. Basically, demeaning men in the eyes of society, such as always portraying them in the media as idiots and buffoons, making college freshmen endure "date rape" education where men are all but accused of plotting to rape women, and lobbying for more of society's resources to go to women, such as female only scholarships, even though a majority of college students are already female.

    Basically lobbying for feminism is big business. As long as they make money, and have those political connections and people in society don't question their motives as you do, they will continue to be in power.

    FYI the people who run this site are completely bias feminist supporters. They allow feminists to yell and scream about how men are rapists, even say we men create "rape manuals" without any proof, whereas when we criticize feminism or feminists, we tend to get our questions and comments erased. Although maybe since you are a woman your opinion is actually worth something.


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  • Feminism is just another tool being used by cultural marxists against western civilisation. Anti racist organisations, feminism, promotion of gay marriage and LGBT lessons in schools, all this is used with the sole purpose to bring an end to western civilisation. I have never heard feminists demonstrating about muslim rapists for example. They only target white Europeans because thats what they been told to. Even little girls have been raped and killed by 3rd world so called immigrants and feminists were nowhere to be seen.

  • I bet you do the same thing

    • How dare you say such a cruel thing to me Master?

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    • I have to be honest, you calling me master feels incredible.

    • It's OK Master, i am currently preoccupied with something else, i will visit you soon tough (:

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  • Those are not feminist. They are extremist, a deviaton. However, not because "men have it hard too" means "women should not complaining". We all as society should do our best to live a good life, regardless of gender.

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