If you have a shit time in your youth, socially, relationship wise, or for any other reason, no matter what happens your bound to be hardened to good?

Do you think that if you have a crappy time in your youth, teens and early 20's that you are bound to have a shitty time throughout the rest of your life, because you become hard to love or be friends with because people can't relate to you or don't want to?

What kinds of things could make someone like this rediscover happness and make people who used to know them care about them or get to know them again?


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  • You get over it and realize you still have 70 more years to live


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  • No. It didn't happen that way with me. I went through pure hell in my teens and into my 20s. It slowly got a little better through my later 20s. It never became a great life, but it got a heck of a lot better.

    With me the healing was mostly a combination of time, quitting doing some of the stupid shit I was doing, and I got into some pretty heavy meditation. I don't think the meditation did much on it's own, but I think it sped things up and helped get me pointed in the right direction.

    Mostly I think it was what you sometimes hear about hitting rock bottom and there no place to go but up. For me it was either change or die. So I changed, partly by choice, partly because it was forced on me, and partly by luck and circumstances.

    Life is very highly unpredictable. It's just about impossible to predict if your life will get better or not. You still have tons of time for things to change though.

    Besides, you couldn't give up even if you wanted to. Because no matter how much you want to quit, there will still be a part of you that wants a better life.


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  • Nope. I was quiet and shy and had no friend in high school and never had a boyfriend but I've always been a very happy person and very optimistic. (With bouts of crippling depression but you know)


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