Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Who else is totally stoked for this game?

I'm counting the days until launch so I can play the ever loving shit out of this game.
I might have to take another vacation from work, and from family.

  • MGSV: F**K Yeah!!
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  • MGSV: Hell no, it's stupid
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  • MGS, what's that?
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  • I've never played MGS series before but I am tempted to try it since it's open world. I'm mainly waiting for Fallout 4 right now.

    • I hope Bethesda took lessons from Witcher 3.
      I find F:NV and Skyrim to be boring games.
      F3 was fun, and I hope F4 is as good.

    • Agreed, F:NV wasn't great but did have a lot more fun in it than Skyrim. Skyrim was just a huge kick in the face with the ending.