How to be happy if my life REALLY sucks?

My life really sucks:
-I'm ugly as fuck
-I'm too skinny and workinf out to get a hot bod takes like 5 years (already on it)
-work in mcdonalds (nuff said)
-still live with parent can't afford to live on my own
-can find a better job even with my bachelors degree
-no friends
-no interrest in life whats so ever
- yes I'm on depression , medicine (its keeps me from getting suicidal so thats a plus)
- yes theraphy
- no confidenc eis not attractive
-no beauty is not in the eye of the beholder
-no to whatever cliche you can muster

SO yeah my life sucks but I want to at leats try to be happy but I can't there really isn't a single positive thing about life for me my life has always sucked since childhood and I'm already 27 and it hasn't gotten any better soo you can see why I'm not too positive about it


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  • I'm going to pull some positives out of your list.

    - physically you are a young able bodied man ( in other words all limbs, normal features )
    - your body in your profile picture looks lean and healthy
    - you have a home with a roof over your head
    - you have a job ( even if you think it sucks )
    - you have a BA
    - you are aware of your mental status and that's a good sign
    - you've helped yourself by getting therapy and sticking with your meds
    - women like confidence but it's not always the defining factor of when you meet someone
    - beauty IS within, and you have it but your enemy is yourself, but it's there!

    You have to stop degrading yourself. There are over 7 billion people on this planet and I guarantee you are in a better position than most. No cliches, just fact, you determine who you want to be, nobody else.

    • -physically ables but still crappy life
      -my body is way to skinny
      - nope I live in my car
      -ugh mcdonalds pathetic embarasing worthless job
      -BA that indebted me but brings zero benefits
      -i got nothing
      -women like good looking guys
      - no beauty is outside

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    • I have the feeling you enjoy your misery and you're determined to make it your identity. I hope you find some inner peace someday.

    • No I just want a good life I wantna good job and a normal life I always had a shitty life and I'm almost 30 unmarried haven't saved a dime and can't even live on my own I should feel amazing about myself -.-

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  • rofl jeez negative nancy...

    Confidence IS attractive... you can be confidence but still give off a not confident persons vibe.
    Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder... why do you think some people like husky people while others like skinny people?

    • Well a ugly guy wiht confidence is still ugly hence still not gonna get poon

      And most people agree with whats ugly and whats not

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    • It appears that you may need more than just medicine.

    • I got to theraphy too but lets face it mental health "help" never really works

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  • Puerto Rico is beautiful... have you tried exploring and taking pictures of random things? Perhaps something can catch your eye that will interest you.

    • Actually this place sucks plagues with rape crimes and murder you can't go anywhere without getting shot or raped (if you are a woman) people here are very nasty, never ever come here for your own good

    • I'm sorry to hear that. My friend lived there and said nice things/showed me nice pictures so I wasn't aware. That sucks. :/ Um... music helps me out after a long day of work, maybe you can browse online to find new bands and songs you might like. When I'm bored and have time on my hands, I try to find new hobbies I might like :)

    • Its one thing to come here for vacation dont get me wrong it IS a beautifull place is just ful of assholes

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